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At Language Abroad, we believe that it is better to know and appreciate a country´s culture, tradition and historical journey, in order to become a more effective and genuine communicator.

LenguasAbroad is a project that arises from the need of all speakers to communicate and understand each other with other communities and cultures with which we do not share a common language. 

Learning a new language is an exciting journey, offering rewards at every step of the way. 

Along the way, we acquire the different linguistic structures, but to be truly proficient in a language, we must also learn the codes that govern the behaviour and customs of the community that speaks that language.

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The key is in "living the language", acquiring experiences, forming memories and most significantly of all, having fun in another language!

Building on from this belief and approach, LenguasAbroad intends to contribute towards this mammoth task of breaking the diverse language barriers within a multicultural society by total immersion, i.e., of a specific linguistic society’s language, culture and customs. We consider the optimal way to achieve our goal is to acquire a ´true and deeper´ understanding of how language follows procedures, similar to that of children, in order to develop their own learning process, ie, copying behaviour, imitating sounds and replicating gestures, customs and grammatical structures. In short, learning without remembering how and when they learned or learning without being aware of what is actually being learnt.

Currently, LenguasAbroad is centrally engaged with English. In the globalised world in which we live, where the Internet plays a relevant role in our lives, at home and at our place of work, English has risen as the common language of Exchange. Therefore, the capacity to be able to handle this language has become an indispensable skill and technique.

LenguasAbroad eventually wishes to go further; potentially extending the number of languages and countries where we work and adapting to the needs and interests of each. This is our visualization and we hope that you can join us on our journey to both achieve and accomplish this vision.

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